Avnet September Market and Tech Trends Report

Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas released their latest monthly Market and Tech Trends report. According to their September report, the communications industry is seeing a rise in demand for Gigabit Ethernet products. This is the result of growing demand for energy efficient Ethernet, especially following China’s recent regulations on hi-def audio standards. Avnet’s Market and Tech Trends report details lead times, pricing trends, allocations, new releases and end-of-life (EOL) status on nearly 20 product categories from the company’s line card of 300+ suppliers.

Avnet September Market and Tech Trends Report Highlights

  • Analog – ASPs are stable short term with the growing possibility of long term decreases as availability improves and inventories build in the channel. Delivery continues to improve overall.
  • Memory – ASPs are stable overall, with some decreases in DRAM and EEProm due to weak demand. Lead times expected to remain stable overall.
  • Opto – ASPs are stable overall, but will see decreases in LEDs as efficiencies and availability improve. Availability has been tight with some shortages due to the high demand but we are starting to see improvement.
  • Military Electromechanical – ASPs and lead times are mainly stable, however the pricing trend on some specials/factory quote required devices is increasing due to material cost increases at the supplier.
  • Military Interconnect – Expect to continue seeing some price increases until the price of Gold stabilizes (Gold Contacts). These increases are being driven by the rising cost of commodities. Lead times are stable and in some cases coming in slightly.
  • Commercial Passive – All manufacturers where plants reside in Northern Japan have taken products off hold. Lead times continue to vary across the Passive Commodities ranging from 6-65 weeks with some products on Allocation/COE. Keep in mind that some products may require contacting the manufacturer for accurate lead-times. Tantalum raw material continue to drive pricing across the board for all Tantalums.
  • Power Supply – ASPs and lead times are stable at the product level, but freight charges continue to increase which has an overall affect on pricing.

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