OCTEON Fusion Processor Family

Cavium launched the OCTEON Fusion family of processors for base stations. The new chips feature OCTEON MIPS64 based multi-core architecture, purpose-built Baseband DSP cores, LTE/3G hardware accelerators and digital front end (DFE) functionality on a single chip. The OCTEON Fusion processor family consists of two software compatible product lines: CNF71XX and CNF72XX. Samples of CNF71XX and the FusionStack software will be available in the first quarter of next. Thee CNF72XX will be available subsequently.

Cavium OCTEON Fusion family of processors for base stations

OCTEON Fusion Processors Features

  • Designed for LTE and 3G small cell base stations, including picocell and micro base stations
  • OCTEON MIPS64 based L2-L7 multi-core architecture
  • Up to 8x highly optimized and programmable baseband DSP cores (up to 1GHz)
  • Extensive 3G/4G hardware accelerators
  • Digital front end (DFE) functionality
  • Product family consists of multiple SoCs (system-on-a-chip)
  • Enable small cells ranging from 32 users to 300+ users and up to dual 20MHz carriers
  • Include FusionStack interoperability tested (IOT), carrier-class L1 to L3 software suite
  • OCTEON Fusion CPU cores are fully compatible with OCTEON multi-core processors

More info: Cavium