Touchstone Semiconductor Extends Free Demo Board Program Through December 31st

Touchstone Semiconductor, a developer of high-performance analog integrated circuit solutions, today announced that it will extend its free demo board program through December 31st. The offer includes all demo boards in Touchstone’s growing portfolio of high-performance analog products, including the groundbreaking 0.8V, 0.6µA TS1001 operational amplifier, and the new TS9001-1 and TS9001-2 ultra low-power voltage monitor ICs.

Engineers can register for their free demo boards. The demo boards will be available, free of charge, until December 31st. A valid corporate email address is required.

“We have had an outstanding response to our free demo board program,” said Adolfo Garcia, vice president, Applications and Marketing, Touchstone Semiconductor. “Engineers love how simple and easy to use our demo boards are to use.”

Easy to Use Demo Boards with Plenty of Test Points
Every demo board Touchstone makes is designed for simple set up and easy analysis. Users just connect a power supply, and easily observe the performance of the Touchstone part.

TS1001 Low-Power Op Amp Demo Board
The TS1001 demo board provides both non-inverting and inverting configurations. The TS1001 op amp is the first and only single-supply operational amplifier to cut power requirements at least in half compared to any other amplifier. The TS1001 is fully specified to operate on a 0.8V supply while consuming less than 0.6µA supply current.

TS9001 Low-Power Voltage Monitor Demo Board
The TS9001 demo board contains the push-pull TS9001-1 and the open-drain TS9001-2. Each circuit is configured as a simple threshold detector with additional hysteresis. The TS9001-1 and the TS9001-2 voltage monitor ICs incorporate a +1.252V reference with a 1% initial accuracy. The TS9001-1 offers a robust push-pull output stage with increased output current drive while the TS9001-2 offers an open-drain output stage that can be used in mixed-voltage systems design. Both TS9001s are fully specified to operate from +1.6V to 5.5V supplies while consuming less than 0.65µA supply current.

About Touchstone
Touchstone Semiconductor, Inc. creates high-performance analog integrated circuit solutions that solve critical problems for electronics companies. Touchstone’s second-source products are pin-compatible, specification identical solutions, offering customers a long-awaited alternative source for hard to get sole-sourced products. Touchstone’s proprietary products provide unique combinations of features and performance that cannot be found from any other supplier. Founded in 2010, Touchstone is headquartered in Milpitas, Calif. Its investors include Opus Capital and Khosla Ventures. Find us at Twitter or Facebook.