D2S TrueMask DS Mask Wafer Double Simulation Accelerated Workstation

D2S launched the TrueMask DS mask-wafer double simulation accelerated workstation. It can help mask shops and wafer fabs with qualifying and optimizing 20nm node and below designs. TrueMask is ideal for R&D exploration, bit-cell design, hot-spot analysis and mask-defect categorization that comprehends overlapping eBeam shots and dose modulation. D2S TrueMask DS is available now.

D2S TrueMask DS mask-wafer double simulation accelerated workstationTrueMask DS Features

  • 0.1-nm resolution mask simulation up to 300×300 micron (mask dimensions), including overlapping shots and dose modulation
    • Instantaneous eBeam simulation using hardware acceleration
    • eBeam simulation of contours, contour differences, and DMs
    • Mask process (develop, bake, and etch) simulation
  • Advanced eBeam modeling with arbitrary point spread functions for exploration
  • Fast, interactive aerial litho simulation from hardware acceleration
  • Aerial lithography simulation of ArF with various light sources and EUV
  • 5µm x 5µm (on wafer) interactive mask/wafer double simulation
  • SEM interface for overlay analysis of pictures with simulations
  • Inputs: GDSII and OASIS formats
  • Outputs: GDSII, VSB/12 and JEOL formats
  • TCL/based extension language for user customization

More info: D2S