Ikanos Fusiv Vx175 and Fusiv Vx173 Dual-Core Communications Processors

Ikanos Communications launched the Fusiv Vx175 and Fusiv Vx173 dual-core communications processors. The Fusiv Vx175/173 chipsets feature two MIPS cores, integrated DSP engine, programmable hardware accelerator processors, built-in hardware encryption engine (Vx175), built-in SATA interface (Vx175), up to three Gigabit MACs, two PCIe and two USB 2.0 hosts. The new Ikanos processors are ideal for femtocell gateways, smart energy gateways, mobile broadband routers, optical networking terminals, network attached storage and other next generation services gateways.

Ikanos Communications Fusiv Vx175 and Fusiv Vx173 dual-core communications processors

Fusiv Vx175/173 Chipsets Features

  • Dual-core processor architecture – up to 600MHz processing power for the Vx175 (400MHz for the Vx173)
  • Wire-speed gigabit packet processing
  • Vx175 has built-in SATA interface for direct network attached storage (NAS)
  • Up to 2 GMIIs for wired home area network connectivity
  • Two PCIe interfaces that supports concurrent, dual-band 802.11n (2.4 GHz + 5.0 GHz)
  • Two USB 2.0 high speed hosts
  • DDR2 controller
  • Dedicated voice processing engine
  • Programmable hardware accelerators
  • Up to three Gigabit MACs
  • Built-in hardware encryption engine (Vx175)
  • Dynamic Power Management – supports European Code of Conduct and Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) energy efficiency requirements

More info: Ikanos Communications