Design with Efficiency: Toward a Streamlined Process for Electronics Industry Design Engineers

element14 revealed the results of an independent survey. The study focused on critical pain points for global electronics engineers during the four stages of design – concept, design, prototyping, and pre-production. The study revealed several design challenges, including increasing time pressures, incomplete or inaccurate information from relevant sources, and difficulty comparing options and alternatives. The research was conducted by Technology Forecasters, Inc. (TFI).

Time Spent and Degree of Difficulty by Stage in the Design Process

Challenges in the Design Process

Electronic Design Research Key Findings

  • Over 70% of design engineers rely heavily on online forums, blogs and engineering communities to collaborate with peers and share insight on components and design processes
  • Engineers spend about 50% of their research time online, coupled with the remaining time spent talking with vendors, customers and using internal tools
  • A majority of respondents cited the earlier stages of design as the most challenging, with an average of 41% of design time spent on concept development
  • Specialized information as well as performance failure rates and component lifecycle data are particularly difficult to collect
  • A lack of consolidated online tools and databases hinder their ability to make accurate comparisons
Most Challenging Types of Information, Data, and Tools to Find and Aggregate

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