USPTO Awards Patent to ClioSoft for Universal Data Management Adaptor

The US Patent & Trademark Office has approved a patent submitted by ClioSoft. The patent (US 7,975,247 B2) is for a method and system for organizing data generated by electronic design automation tools. Their patented technology is featured in their Universal Data Management Adaptor (UDMA).

Universal Data Management Adaptor is a rule-based technology that enables engineers to quickly and easily define the relationship between design objects and the data files produced by a given EDA design tool. Design data generated by EDA tools such as schematic or layout editors are varied and complex. Using UDMA rules, ClioSoft’s SOS design data management platform automatically recognizes and packages co-managed file sets into user-recognizable composite design objects.

Many design tool do not have support for design data management. UDMA is an easily-configurable solution that can be used to support any design tool that a team may adopt. As a result, UDMA can future proof a design team’s data management needs. ClioSoft’s patented technology enables designers to manage and version control design data from almost any electronic design automation (EDA) tool, at abstraction levels that designers use (such as libraries, cells and views).

Method and System for Organizing Data Generated by Electronic Design Automation Tools Patent Info

A method and system for organizing a plurality of files generated by an Electronic Design and Automation (EDA) tool into composite objects is disclosed. The system provides a plurality of rules, which may be configured for various EDA tools. These rules may be configured for any EDA tool by specifying various parameters such as filename patterns, file formats, directory name patterns, and the like. Using these rules which are configured for an EDA tool, the files that form a part of the design objects are identified and packaged in the form of composite objects.

  • Inventors: Anantharaman; Srinath (Pleasanton, CA), Rajamanohar; Sriram (Fremont, CA), Pandharpurkar; Anagha (Fremont, CA), Khalfan; Karim (San Jose, CA)
  • Assignee: Cliosoft Inc. (Fremont, CA)
  • Application Number: 12/229,972
  • Filed: August 28, 2008

More info: ClioSoft