IAR Systems Expands by Acquiring Signum Systems

IAR Systems is expanding. The company announced they have acquired Signum Systems Corp. As a result of the acquisition, IAR Systems will have one of the broadest offerings of development tools for the embedded systems industry. Signum Systems is a California-based vendor of hardware and software development tools for embedded systems. Their JTAG emulators, in-circuit emulators and debuggers complement IAR Systems product line.

Signum Systems’ main products are JTAGjet and Chameleon. The JTAGjet is a series of full-featured JTAG-based emulators. The emulation technology employed in the JTAGjet enables downloads exceeding 1 MByte/sec. As a result, developers can download large applications in seconds, rather than minutes.

The Chameleon debuggers are designed for a variety of hardware emulation interfaces to target boards (JTAG, BDM, ICE, STAG) on one end, and a communication channel to the host PC on the other. Chameleon supports many different CPUs and DSPs in plain or Multi-Core (SoC) targets in a single debugging environment.

Signum Systems also markets in-circuit emulators.

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