Calypto Design Systems Acquires Catapult C Synthesis from Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics is selling it’s Catapult C Synthesis unit to Calypto Design Systems. Mentor Graphics will continue to support current customers of the Mentor Graphics Catapult C Synthesis tool. However, moving forward, any new customer sales and support will be supplied by Calypto. Other details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Calypto – Mentor Catapult C Synthesis Tool Highlights

  • Mentor Graphics Catapult C Synthesis tool will be integrated with Calypto SLEC System-HLS verification tool
  • Integration will improve ESL hardware realization flow
  • Designers can quickly go from C and System C designs to power-optimized RTL
  • Tight integration between Calypto’s SLEC System-HLS and Catapult C Synthesis will give designers confidence that the IC they designed in C or SystemC is the IC that is being delivered in RTL
  • Mentor Graphics will support current customers, Calypto will support new customers

ESL methods enable designers to work at a higher level of abstraction, reduce errors and allows greater optimization of integrated circuits (IC) in key attributes like speed and power. To adopt ESL methods, designers need to have confidence that tools, as they translate from the higher level of abstraction to lower levels, don’t introduce errors. Typically, designers have used extensive RTL verification to ensure that no errors have been introduced.

SLEC System-HLS uniquely addresses this challenge with C to RTL formal equivalence checking using patented sequential analysis technology to create an easy to use synthesis and verification flow environment. Designers can perform comprehensive functional verification using SLEC System-HLS to formally verify equivalence between SystemC ESL models and RTL implementations. This leads to up to 100x speed up times in RTL verification as it removes the need for significant and time consuming RTL simulation to validate that the RTL matches the C or SystemC source.

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