Data Translation DT9812A, DT9813A, DT9814A Data Acquisition Modules

Data Translation introduced the DT9812A, DT9813A, and DT9814A data acquisition modules. The ECONseries of USB-powered DAQ modules feature USB 2.0 compliance, 12-bit resolution, two analog output channels, digital I/O lines, and sampling rates of up to 100 kSamples/second. The DT9812A data acquisition module is priced at $475 USD, the DT9813A is priced at $525, and the DT9814A is priced at $575.

DT9812A, DT9813A, and DT9814A DAQ Modules Features

  • USB powered for portable measurements
  • 12-bit resolution for analog input/output subsystems
  • 8 (DT9812A), 16 (DT9813A), or 24SE (DT9814A) analog input channels
  • 100 kS/s sampling
  • 2 analog output channels (up to 75 kS/s) for generating sine, rectangle, triangle, or DC waveforms
  • 32-bit counter timer for event counting, frequency measurement, edge-to-edge measurements, generate continuous pulse output operations
  • Digital I/O lines (16 for DT9812A, 8 for DT9813A)
  • Shielded, rugged enclosure for noise immunity
  • Built-in screw terminals
  • Analog signal range: ±10 V
  • Software and drivers compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Compatible with LabVIEW and MATLAB through available interface tools

More info: Data Translation