Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2

Wind River rolled out Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2. The commercial embedded Linux runtime and development platform includes a fully integrated graphics software stack, from the board to the user interface framework level, for the latest Intel and Texas Instruments’ processors. The pre-integrated graphics stack features GTK, Qt, X.Org and the Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite. The stack is optimized for embedded development.

Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2 Features

  • Web 2.0 Cross Web Development Toolkit that enables developers to debug, deploy and test directly on targets using HTML/Javascript and web page rendering languages
  • Qt Development Toolkit optimized for embedded development, which can significantly increase productivity, reduce costs and shorten time to market
  • strongSWAN open source VPN solution that supports IPv6 tunneling and adds a suite of up-to-date IPsec encryption, authentication, and cryptography functions to the 2.6.x Linux kernel
  • New SEEdit feature provides a simplified language for creating and editing the security policies that keep your system safe
  • Workbench enhancements and new tools for Linux developers for streamlined Linux development
  • First commercial embedded Linux to provide a fully integrated graphics software stack
  • Pre-integrated graphics stack includes GTK, Qt, X.Org and the Wind River Tilcon Graphics Suite
  • Works out of the box using the latest hardware and graphics drivers, including Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Driver on Intel Atom processor with OpenGL and PowerVR driver on Texas Instruments’ (TI) AM35x, AM37x, AM389x TI Sitara ARM microprocessors and OMAP35x processors with OpenGL ES
  • Stack includes the latest versions of popular graphics applications
  • Linux Standard Base (LSB) certification assures compatibility with all LSB-compliant third-party applications
  • USB-only boot lets you dynamically use Syslinux on a USB stick
  • Supports preempt_rt on all major embedded architectures and more than 30 BSPs
  • Multi-OS and virtualization: Wind River Hypervisor 1.3 enablement and a virtual serial device driver increase the range and flexibility
  • Carrier Grade Linux 5 certification
  • Expanded board support for multiple hardware platforms: x86, ARM, PowerPC, or MIPS

More info: Wind River Linux 4