VIA Labs VL751 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash Controller

VIA Labs introduced their VL751 SuperSpeed USB to NAND flash controller. The VIA Labs VL751 is a single-chip solution for USB 3.0 flash drives. The chip features a four-channel NAND interface, USB 3.0 compliant, Bulk-Only Transport, 120MB/s data transfer speed, interleaving support, and SuperSpeed certified. VIA Labs VL751 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash controller is available now for sampling.

VIA Labs VL751 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash controller

VIA Labs VL751 Features

  • Nearly 100% performance boost over the VIA Labs VL750 with no increase in power consumption
  • Data transfer speeds of 120MB/s or more
  • Compliant to USB 3.0 specification revision 1.0, and USB specification revision 2.0
  • Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport (BOT)
  • Pre read/pre write buffer
  • Pipelined ECC engine
  • Supports USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP)
  • Integrated in-house Super-Speed PHY and USB 2.0 PHY
  • 4-channel memory controller with interleaving support
  • Supports up to 8 CE Pins, max. 32 NAND flash memory chips
  • Supports 2X-3X nm flash memories
  • Adjustable ECC Engine support
  • Global Wear-Leveling
  • Power-cycling handling
  • Certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for SuperSpeed operation

More info: VIA Labs