McObject eXtremeDB Cluster Distributed Database for Real-Time Applications

McObject introduced their eXtremeDB Cluster, which is the first clustering database system built from the ground up for distributed embedded software and real-time enterprise applications. eXtremeDB Cluster manages data stores across multiple hardware nodes, increases the net processing power available for data management, reduces system expansion costs, and delivers a more scalable and reliable database solution for increasingly data-intensive real-time applications.

eXtremeDB Cluster Highlights

  • 161% throughput improvement when scaling to four nodes from one node
  • Ideal for telecom/networking equipment, financial markets and Web services/hosted solutions
  • Enables two or more servers to share the workload
  • Eliminates any ceiling imposed by being CPU-bound on a single server
  • Streamlined in-process (rather than client/server) database architecture
  • Eliminates complexity compared to competing clustering solutions that are offered by relational database management system (RDBMS) vendors
  • Easier set-up reduces extensive consulting engagements of part-and-parcel of these vendors’ clustering solutions
  • In an eXtremeDB Cluster deployment, every database instance serves as a master
  • Any process on any node can update its local database
  • Software will efficiently replicate the changes to other nodes in the cluster
  • Eliminates the potential bottleneck when all changes must be written to a single master (the common solution in High Availability systems)
  • Increased processing power results in much faster database activity
  • Hardware for each node can be a low-cost commodity server
  • Shared nothing architecture eliminates reliance on a shared SAN or other storage resource
  • Supports the same ACID transactions offered by the non-clustering eXtremeDB editions
  • Compatible with eXtremeDB’s In-Memory Database System, 64-bit, and Fusion (hybrid in-memory and on-disk data storage) editions
  • Exploits eXtremeDB’s Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) transaction management

More info: McObject