Microsemi MS29C2G24MAKLA1-XI OMAP MCP Drop-in Replacement

Microsemi introduced the MS29C2G24MAKLA1-XI multichip (MCP) memory product, which is a drop-in replacement for the discontinued Micron memory package used in Texas Instruments (TI) processors. The MS29C2G24MAKLA1-XI (OMAP MCP) is compatible with TI processor families that are enclosed in Micron Technology’s end-of-life (EOL) package-on-package (PoP) 152-pin ball grid array (BGA). The Microsemi replacement package enables engineers to avoid time-consuming board redesign efforts and protect current designs.

Microsemi MS29C2G24MAKLA1-XI Highlights

  • Extends the life of memory devices in the 152BGA package currently EOL by Micron Technology
  • Same form, fit, and function as Micron’s MT29C2G24MAKLACG-XIT
  • Avoids the need for PCB redesign and protects established design wins
  • Supports TI processors that employs the use of a PoP memory support chip
  • Compatible with TI’s Sitara, OMAP, and DaVinci processors
  • LPDDR and LPDDR+ flash to support TI OMAP35xx, AM37x and DM37x processors
  • Houses 2G (x16) SLC NAND Flash and 1G (x32) Mobile LPDDR MCP combination memory with separate interfaces
  • 14mm x 14mm, 152 BGA (ball grid array) package with a 0.65mm pitch
  • 1.8 volt flash and 1.8V LPDDR
  • Industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C
  • Low voltage operation
  • Available now
  • 4G-2G and 2G LPDDR versions later this year

More info: Microsemi