Conexant Systems CX2077x and CX3102x Embedded USB Audio Solutions

Conexant Systems introduced the CX2077x and CX3102x embedded audio solutions. The CX2077x USB audio integrated circuit (IC) features the functionality of an on-chip digital signal processor (DSP), tri-color LED Pulse-Width Modulator (PWM) and LED driver into a single chip package. Pricing for the CX2077x starts at $2.32 in 1K quantities. The CX3102x starts at $1.65 in 1K quantities. A complete evaluation kit with reference board and all the necessary technical documents and software is available now.

Conexant CX2077x and CX3102x Features

  • Internal tri-color RGB (red, green and blue) PWM LED driver and controller
  • Each LED output has its own eight-bit resolution PWM controller for brightness and dimming control
  • LED light source communicates on/off status, power standby mode and other status indicators
  • On-chip DSP
  • Runs a suite of proprietary voice processing algorithms and audio post-processing effects
  • Frees processing power for other applications
  • Audio enhancements and optimization for speakers and microphones
  • Optional keypad, text LCD display interface and dual audio end points

Conexant CX20774 USB audio ICConexant CX2077x Enhancements

  • Super Wideband noise reduction
  • Sub-band acoustic echo cancellation
  • Dynamic range control
  • 3D sound effects
  • Microphone auto gain control
  • On-Chip voice/audio DSP
  • PCM/I2S, S/PDIF digital audio interfaces
  • Stereo input
  • Stereo headphone driver
  • General-purpose input/output GPIO interfaces for peripheral connectivity
  • SPI and I2C interfaces

More info: Conexant Systems