e-con Systems e-CAM50 CU35x GSTIX Custom Lens Camera Board

e-con Systems announced the e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX, which is a 5 Mega pixel fixed focus custom lens camera solution. The e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX connects to the Gumstix Overo computer on module via a 27pin flex cable. Engineers have a choice of lens for the board. The e-con camera solution is ideal for low vision products, OCR and video conferencing. The e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX custom lens camera board is available now.

e-con Systems e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX 5 Mega pixel fixed focus custom lens camera solution

e-CAM50_CU35x_GSTIX Features

  • 2592 x 1944 resolution
  • 30 fps up to 720P
  • 7 fps above 720P
  • 5 megapixel fixed focus image sensor (Omnivision OV5642)
  • Linux V4L2 camera driver with sample applications
  • Viewfinder option with video preview at 30fps
  • e-CAM Dimensions (mm): 25.12 x 48.88
  • Works with every Gumstix Overo computer-on-module (COM)
  • Plugs into the camera interface of TI OMAP processor on Gumstix Overo COM
  • Interfaces to all the four variants of the Gumstix Overo such as the Earth COM (OMAP3503), Overo Air COM (OMAP3503), Overo Water COM (OMAP3530) and Overo Fire COM (OMAP3530)
  • Plug and play board
  • Small form-factor
  • e-CAM50_CU5642_MOD camera module
  • Choice of lens from a wide variety of lenses
  • Targeted for applications like Field-of-View, Spectral filtering, Magnification, IR filtering, Low Vision Products, OCR and Video Conferencing

More info: e-con Systems