Movea Full Body Motion Capture System

Movea and Motion Lab teamed together to create a low cost solution for full body motion capture. The solution is based on Movea’s MEMS-based MotionPod devices. The solution enables a computerized avatar to reproduce a person’s body movements in real-time, with an accuracy that matches the efficiency of more expensive video systems. The solution is now available for B2B customers in the sports and entertainment industry.

Full Body Motion Capture System Highlights

  • More realistic avatar motion for gaming or highly accurate biomechanical analysis for sports applications
  • MEMS-based MotionPod solution
  • Low cost, full body motion capture
  • Enables a computerized avatar to reproduce a person’s body movements in real-time
  • Biomechanical model takes into account human constraints such as the fact that a knee can only bend forward
  • Full body positional information and motion is compared in real-time against a library of full body gestures
  • Uses up to five MotionPods
  • Each MotionPod allows 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF) for full 3D motion capture
  • Fitted to key parts of the body to form a Body Area Network (BAN)
  • Enables detailed full body motion to be captured in real time
  • Dynamic accuracy of one degree
  • Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) transmits movement information through a 2.4GHz wireless link to a MotionController central receiver unit
    plugged into a computer via a USB port

More info: Movea | Motion Lab