StarChip SCM Family of SIM Controllers for M2M

StarChip introduced their new SCM family of secure SIM controllers for M2M applications. The first two member are the SCM320G and SCM288G. The SCM controllers feature are fully flash-based, code and data with SST SuperFlash enhanced by E3 (ECUBE) proprietary mechanisms. Both devices are available in VQFN8 package compliant to ETSI TS 102 671 or can be delivered in tested sawn dice on frame. The SCM320G is sampling now. Volume production is expected in October 2011 in VQN8 package, wafer form or sawn dice on frame.

StarChip SCM320G secure SIM controller

StarChip SCM Controllers Features

  • High-performance 32-bit core Cortus APS3s
  • 20Mips @ 20MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures
  • Advanced low power modes
  • Fully flash-based ICs, code and data with SST SuperFlash
  • E3 (ECUBE) Endurance Enhancement Engine: up 2000M cycles
  • Robust data retention (>25years)
  • Extended temperature tolerance from -40°C and +105°C
  • TurboSecure Uploading System: 0.5Mbits/Sec including transmission and decryption
  • Secure lifecycle management: High resistance to cloning with locked functionality and exhaustive traceability
StarChip SCM288G secure SIM controller

More info: StarChip | Silicon Storage Technology (SST)