ARM Gains RAVEN Verification Software, Acquires Obsidian Software

ARM acquired Obsidian Software last week. Obsidian Software offers processor verification tools, verification consulting and training services to processor designers. The acquisition will help ARM match their verification strategies with the rate of change in high performance, complex SoC IP components. The Obsidian Software validation team will become part of an ARM Processor validation team based in Austin, Texas.

Obsidian Software Highlights

  • Private company founded in 1997 by three processor verification engineers
  • Founders created a flexible verification solution powered by a knowledge engine that’s fully aware of complex interactions between components and features of a processor core
  • Obsidian’s RAVEN software improves processor designs and minimize the number of manufacturing spins
  • Variants of RAVEN verification software support multiple architectures:
    • ARMV9-11
    • PowerPC
    • Custom Architectures
    • MIPS 32/64
    • X86
  • Verification services include:
    • Test Creation Services
    • Test Debugging
    • Methodology Planning

More info: ARM | Obsidian Software