Dialog Semiconductor DA9053, DA9021 System Level Power Management ICs

Dialog Semiconductor introduced the DA9053 and DA9021 system level power management ICs (PMICs). The chips are ideal for tablet PCs, smartphones, embedded computers and multimedia players. The DA9053 is supplied in a 169 ball VFBGA 7×7 mm package with 0.5mm pitch or VFBGA 11×11 mm package with 0.8mm pitch and is available in both consumer and automotive grades. The DA9021 is supplied in a 64 ball 4×4 mm wafer-level package with 0.5mm pitch. Samples of both the DA9053 and the DA9021 are available now.

DA9021 PMIC Features

  • Ideal for lower power cost-sensitive applications
  • 64 ball 4 x 4mm wafer-level package with 0.5mm pitch
  • 1.3A single input USB charger
  • 3 DVS Buck Converters 0.5V-3.6V up to 1Amp
  • 5 Programmable LDO’s High PSRR
  • 32kHz RTC Oscillator
  • 9 bit GPIO bus for enhanced wakeup and peripheral control
  • HS2-wire and 4-wire control interfaces

DA9053 PMIC Features

  • Supports the ARM Cortex family
  • Ideal for high-end multicore-based applications
  • Combines a 1.8A rated dual-input DC/USB power path router with a switching battery charger
  • Supports multiple external memory configurations
  • 169 ball VFBGA 7x7mm package with 0.5mm pitch or VFBGA 11x11mm package with 0.8mm pitch
  • Consumer and automotive grades
  • 4 Buck Converters (3 with DVS) 0.5V-2.5V up to 2Amp
  • 10 Programmable LDO’s High PSRR, 1% accuracy
  • Low power Backup Charger 1.1-3.1V up to 6mA
  • 32kHz RTC Oscillator
  • 10 channel general Purpose ADC with touch screen interface with pen down detect
  • High voltage Boost for white LED driver
  • 16 bit GPIO bus for enhanced wakeup and peripheral control
  • Dual serial control interfaces with arbitration
  • Flexible autoboot and memory configurations
  • Unique ID code capability with OTP memory

More info: Dialog DA9021 PMIC | Dialog DA9053 PMIC (pdf)