GE Intelligent Platforms ADEPT3000 Automatic Video Tracker

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the ADEPT3000 miniature rugged automatic video tracker. The ADEPT3000 is designed for the detection and surveillance of a moving object. The SWaP optimized automatic video tracking solution measures 34mm x 24mm (about the size of a microprocessor), weighs about six grams, and consumes minimal power (about 1 watt). The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) ADEPT3000 is ideal for small unmanned aerial vehicles and man portable devices.

GE Intelligent Platforms ADEPT3000 SWaP optimized automatic video tracking solution

GE ADEPT3000 Features

  • Compact (size of a microprocessor chip)
  • Low power consumption (~1 watt)
  • Single target tracking with any standard definition analog video signal
  • Composite video input and output
  • On-board RS232 TTL serial port
  • Operates as a stand alone unit
  • Easily integrated using standard or custom format carrier cards
  • Optimized real-time detection and tracking for military and aerospace electro-optical system applications
  • Advanced signature-based pre-processor for rejecting clutter
  • Automatic tracking engine
  • Improved optics, precision platform dynamics and higher resolution sensors
  • Natively supports standard definition analog video
  • Advanced pre-processors discriminate target from heavy clutter, mist, dust and other atmospheric challenges

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