Element14 Knode Design Platform for Electronic Design Engineers

Premier Farnell introduced element14 knode, which is an online design platform for electronic design engineers. element14 knode features resources for research, design, development and prototype manufacturing. The online platform automates the creation of explicit dependencies and inter-relationships with other system level components to quickly build a custom design flow. knode, which is short for KNOwledge for Design Engineers, offers a single environment for the entire design flow.

element14 knode v1.0 Features

  • Search Engine
    Search function helps engineers research, evaluate and purchase solutions, software and services

  • Learning Centre
    Features research library, how to videos, application notes, technical documentation and forums

  • Development Platforms and Kits
    Includes pre-built boards to test the latest technology and protocols, hardware solutions to accelerate the design process, search for instant prototypes for embedded systems, and new technology and industry exclusives such as the Freescale XL Starboard

  • Operating Systems and Stacks
    Access Operating Systems, RTOS, Stacks and middleware for application software execution and interoperability

  • Development Tools
    Access to a comprehensive suite of software development tools for embedded systems — including Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), compilers and debuggers

  • CAD Tools
    PCB design tools are available that enable designers to develop PCBs within a highly productive, scalable and easy-to-use environment

  • PCB Services
    High quality, low risk solutions for PCB fabrication and assembly in partnership with industry leaders

  • Test Equipment
    Hardware analysis solutions for embedded systems or prototypes including oscilloscopes, multi-meters, and signal generators

More info: element14 knode