Texas Memory Systems Variable Stripe RAID Error Mitigation Technology

Texas Memory Systems announced their patented Variable Stripe RAID (VSR) error mitigation technology. VSR (U.S. Patent #7,856,528) improves Flash reliability by targeting plane (small subsection of a Flash chip) and chip failures. TMS VSR technology dynamically bypasses failed Flash, reduces maintenance requirements and extends operating life cycles. Variable Stripe RAID is available in the TMS RamSan-70 PCIe Flash card.

Variable Stripe RAID Highlights

  • Error mitigation technology
  • U.S. Patent #7,856,528
  • Addresses plane (small subsection of a Flash chip) and chip failures
  • Dynamically bypasses failed Flash
  • Requires less maintenance than average SSD designs
  • Extends operating lifecycles
  • Improved management approach for plane and chip failures
  • Enables the number of chips to vary among stripes, so bad chips can simply be bypassed using a smaller stripe size
  • VSR provides greater stripe size granularity, so a stripe could exclude a small part of a chip rather than having to exclude an entire chip if only part of it failed
  • Traditional RAID system can remove a full 4% of raw Flash capacity — TMS VSR technology reduces the raw Flash capacity by 0.5% (8x improvement)
  • New standard for Flash reliability
  • Available on the RamSan-70 PCIe Flash card

More info: Texas Memory Systems