Imec Produces 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN-on-Si Wafer

Imec has developed device-quality wafers with GaN/AlGaN layers on 200mm silicon wafers. Functional GaN MISHEMTs were processed using standard CMOS tools by imec and their GaN industrial affiliation program (IIAP) partners. The used processes are compatible with the strict contamination rules in a standard CMOS processing line (without the use of gold).

Imec power devices on 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN-on-Si wafer

200mm CMOS-compatible GaN-on-Si Wafer Highlights

  • 200mm GaN-on-Si wafers with crack-free surfaces and a bow of less than 50µm
  • Wafers were made using a MOCVD system from Applied Materials
  • Standard CMOS tools were used to yield functional GaN MISHEMTs (metal-insulator-semiconductor HEMT)
  • All equipment was verified for its capability to handle the wafers, and required only minimal adjustments in software and hardware
  • imec based the ohmic contact formation on an Au-free metallization system, and modified the Schottky gate to a gate dielectric based gold-free metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) structure
  • MISHEMT structure reduces the high leakage current of conventional HEMTs
  • GaN is a promising material for next-generation power devices with a performance beyond what is possible with silicon

More info: Imec