Analog Devices AD8283 Automotive Radar Analog Front-end IC

Analog Devices announced the AD8283 automotive radar AFE (analog front-end) IC. The six-channel chip features a 12-bit, 80-MSPS A/D converter, on-chip signal conditioning; programmable-gain amplifier; low-noise amplifier; and programmable, third-order, low-pass elliptic filter. The AD8283 is ideal for adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection and other radar-based detection and avoidance applications. The 72-lead LFCSP AD8283 automotive radar AFE IC is priced at $12 (in 1,000 quantities).

Analog Devices (ADI) AD8283 automotive radar AFE (analog front-end) IC

ADI AD8283 Automotive Radar AFE IC Features

  • 6 channels of LNA, PGA, AAF
  • 1 channel of direct-to-ADC
  • SPI-programmable gain = 16 dB to 34 dB in 6 dB steps
  • Programmable third-order low-pass elliptic filter (LPF) from 1 MHz to 12 MHz
  • Precise ch-to-ch matching: Gain: ±0.5dB (-40 to 105°C) and Phase: ±5° (-40 to 105°C)
  • Low noise, 3.5 nV/vHz maximum of input referred voltage noise
  • Low power, 170 mW per channel at 12 bits/80 MSPS
  • Parallel 3.3V CMOS Output
  • Selectable Input Impedance: 200Ω or 200kΩ
  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • Programmable gain amplifier (PGA)
  • Includes low noise preamplifier (LNA)
  • Antialiasing filter (AAF)
  • Analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • 12 bits of accuracy up to 80 MSPS
  • SNR = 67 dB
  • SFDR = 68 dB
  • Power-down mode
  • 72-lead, 10 mm x 10 mm, LFCSP package

More info: Analog Devices (pdf)