Si2 DFMC OpenDFM 1.1 Physical Verification Standard

The OpenDFM 1.1 standard has been unanimously approved by members of Silicon Integration Initiative’s Design for Manufacturability Coalition (DFMC). OpenDFM is an open, high-level DRC language that can generate verification languages with no loss of accuracy or performance. OpenDFM describes verification intent for leading process nodes, including conditional rules and ranges of acceptable values. It leverages a plug-in architecture to automatically generate output decks. Advanced DFM checks are supported by utilizing DFM parameters and attributes defined by the DFMC members.

OpenDFM 1.1 Highlights

  • ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and Latch Up Checks
  • A complete set Edge Operations and Edge Checks
  • New Targeting Functions bridge the gap between a layout style that allows only a few, very restricted layout patterns and a style with purely arbitrary layouts. Targeting functions transform database shapes, regardless of their origin and design style, into the on-silicon target shapes that design and manufacturing agree are the reference shapes for silicon.
  • Implementations and qualifications by multiple DRC engines
  • Available now to the public for free

More info: OpenDFM v1.1.0