ENSCO Acquires Quantum3D’s IData and IGL 178 Product Lines

ENSCO has acquired Quantum3D’s IData Tool Suite and IGL 178 product lines. The acquisition includes supporting assets and staff. The embedded visual computing tools are now part of IData Visual Systems, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of ENSCO. The IData product line consists of a software development toolkit and application elements that provide a highly efficient development environment and high operational performance for digital display devices.

Acquired Embedded Visual Computing Products

IData Tool Suite Features

  • The floating HSL Generator supports the IData Designer seats. Only one HSL generator is needed for each Designer cluster. HSL data from this generator is used by the IData Run Time engines.
  • IData Designer is the more cost-effective HMI tool.
  • IDataMap is an add-on module that offers compelling, high performance 2-D/3-D digital map displays and geospatial visualization capabilities based on industry standard data formats.
  • IData3D is a high-performance, real-time 3-D scene management library module that renders 3-D data content from industry standard tools on desktop and embedded platforms.
  • IData Run Time provides the means to deploy IData applications on the target system of your choice, including any RTOS, any OpenGL subset or any computer platform.

IGL 178 Features

  • Platform independent — both operating system and GPU
  • Full OpenGL SC functionality enables IGL applications upward compatibility with accelerated GPUs
  • Optional virtualized driver enables a standard processor to function as a dedicated GPU in the system
  • Efficient high performance implementation supports both floating and fixed point math and fast paths for common safety-critical uses
  • Complete, tailorable source code usable in any operating system
  • Small, implementation certifiable to safety standards, including DO-178B
  • High quality anti-aliased lines and textures at all display resolutions
  • Support for 16, 24 and 32 bit frame buffer modes, with or without alpha-out
  • Render using a user-supplied frame buffer to accomplish video blend, static symbology backgrounds, and other special purpose features

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