TDK GBDriver RS3 Series of Serial ATA NAND Flash Memory Controllers

TDK introduced the GBDriver RS3 series of Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gbps compatible NAND flash memory controller ICs. The TDK GBDriver RS3 features access speed of 170 Mbyte/second, data randomizer, auto-refresh functions, advanced static wear leveling algorithm, and AES 128-bit encryption. The SATA controller ICs support 2 Kbyte/page and 4 Kbyte/page structures, 8 Kbyte/page SLC (single-level cell) and MLC (multi-level cell) NAND flash memories and can realize high-speed SATA storage ranging from 128 Mbyte to 128 Gbyte. The TDK GBDriver RS3 series will be available in July.

TDK GBDriver RS3 Features

  • Compliant with Serial ATA Standard Revision 2.6
  • Compatible with Gen1:1.5 Gbps, and Gen2:3.0 Gbps
  • Supports read access speeds up to 170 MB/sec and write access speeds up to 70 MB/sec
  • Supports 2 Kbyte/page, 4 Kbyte/page, and 8 Kbyte/page structure NAND flash memories
  • Compatible with SLC and MLC flash memories
  • Enable SATA flash storage ranging from 128 Mbyte to 64 Gbyte for SLC and 256 Mbyte to 128 Gbyte for MLC
  • New static wear leveling algorithm counts the number of times each memory block is rewritten (erased) and replaces blocks uniformly
  • Algorithm prevents collateral data errors if power is interrupted when writing data
  • Flash identification function enables selection of 8 bit, 15 bit ECC or 30bit, 44bit ECC
  • Auto-recovery function corrects bit errors automatically when reading data repeatedly (read disturbance errors)
  • Data randomizer function improves the data reliability of MLC flash memories
  • Data stored on the NAND memory is periodically read to detect bit errors and any errors are corrected as necessary
  • 128-bit AES encryption function automatically encrypts data and writes it to the NAND flash memory
  • Number of logical blocks allocated to a data area can be adjusted up or down in individual sector units
  • ATA-standard protection function for setting and removing a password to protect data
  • SMART Command for easy determination of the flash memory status and facilitates appropriate lifespan management

More info: TDK Corporation