Itera 40nm Embedded Multi-Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory

Kilopass Technology introduced their Itera embedded multi-time programmable (MTP) NVM 40nm solution. Itera replaces external serial EEPROM and NOR flash in high-volume mobile and consumer applications. Itera reduces costs (70% less), increases performance (24X increase), and improves integration. The pricing of Itera is based on percentage of cost savings over external EEPROM and NOR Flash solutions. There are two pricing components: (1) license fee for use of Itera in a design and (2) a per wafer royalty. Itera is available in MTP capacity from 32 bit to 1Mb. It is now available at foundries like TSMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and UMC in 40nm bulk silicon with 65nm and 55nm in H2’11.

Kilopass Technology Itera MTP NVM Highlights

  • Only embedded multi-time programmable (MTP) NVM in 40nm
  • Lowers costs (70% less), boosts performance (24X increase), and improves integration
  • Replaces external serial EEPROM and NOR flash in high-volume mobile and consumer applications
  • Implemented in standard CMOS with no additional process steps or wafer process adders
  • Up to 1 megabit (Mb) of storage capacity
  • Up to 1024 cycles of re-programmability
  • Kilopass’ patented 2T antifuse technology
  • Realizes a cost savings averaging about $6 million for a chip that achieves a 10-million unit per year run rate
  • Can store software and data that has to be updated and changed over time
  • Can contain the protocol stacks in SoCs for Bluetooth, 802.11, and other wireless communications standards
  • Industry standard Open Core Protocol (OCP) interface
  • Contents can be executed in place (XIP) rather than shadowed
  • Qualified through a stringent high temperature operating life (HTOL) and high temperature storage life (HTSL) standard in process nodes including 40nm

More info: Kilopass Technology