OpenWorld Design Contest

The OpenWorld application design contest, sponsored primarily by STMicroelectronics, features $20,000 in cash prizes. The prizes will be awarded for the most innovative and useful electronic applications designed to assist people, with any variety of disabilities or medical conditions, to access public places or services and help them participate actively in daily life. Concept entries must be submitted by May 15, 2011. The best application concepts will win tools for creating applications including the latest EvoPrimer with STM32 processor and a complete software tool chain (C compiler, Ride integrated development environment with debugging and programming interfaces). The finished project deadline is December 14, 2011.

The objective of the contest is to explore the use of technology and mobile appliances and offer applications that assist people by providing:

  • Navigation assistance (indoor/outdoor positioning, navigation, environment awareness)
  • Visual assistance
  • Auditory assistance
  • Physical monitoring (heart rate, breathing, temperature, etc)

Projects must use an original, unmodified EvoPrimer or Open4 designed by Raisonance. Hardware extensions can be used. However, the added components must be commercially available. For every project containing added hardware components, the participant must supply the schematic and send a prototype to Raisonance of all the additional components (without the EvoPrimer). The additional hardware must be received at Raisonance before the closure of the competition.

On the software side, the project has to be developed using the RKit-ARM from Raisonance. The complete project source files and executables need to be supplied. The project can be programmed like an application. Every project must be accompanied by a document describing the software and the hardware components used (if any). All source files must be readable and clearly commented on.

More info: OpenWorld Design Contest | Autonomie Project | Raisonance