Mentor Graphics T3Ster Inspires JESD51-14 Thermal Testing Standard

JEDEC has approved the JESD51-14 standard, which is titled Transient Dual Interface Test Method for the Measurement of the Thermal Resistance Junction-to-case of Semiconductor Devices with Heat Flow through a Single Path. The thermal transient testing-based measurement methodology is based on an idea published jointly by the Mentor Graphics MicReD group and Infineon the Automotive Power Application group. JEDEC is an organization dedicated to open standards in the microelectronics industry.

JEDEC Thermal Testing Standard Highlights

  • Approved for the junction-to-case thermal resistance of power semiconductor devices
  • Ensures much higher accuracy and repeatability than classical steady-state measurements based on older standards
  • Similar to the method used to characterize thermal interface materials (TIMs)
  • Qualified in a round-robin test in thermal testing laboratories of five different member organizations of the JC15 committee
  • Provides a reliable and reproducible method to determine the Rth-JC (junction-to-case thermal resistance)
  • Reproducibility of the TDI measurement enables a fair comparison between Rth-JC values of devices from different vendors
  • New JEDEC standard is ideal for automotive electronics, where power semiconductor devices are extensively used
  • Methodology inspired by Mentor Graphics MicReD and Infineon
  • Mentor Graphics T3Ster thermal transient tester is the only commercially available product that fully implements the new JESD51-14 standard and provides the needed level of measurement accuracy

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