Graphics-Enabled Microprocessors to Penetrate 83% of Market

According to IHS iSuppli, graphics-enabled microprocessors (GEM) penetration will represent 50% of the notebook market in 2011 and 45% for the desktop PC market. GEMs will be in over 230 million notebooks and 63 million desktop computers. By 2014, 83% of all notebook PCs and 76% of desktop PCs worldwide will ship with graphics-enabled microprocessors. GEMs are microprocessors that feature a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit in a single-chip design. With a GEM, an additional graphics processor or add-in graphics card is not needed.

Graphics-Enabled Microprocessors Research Highlights

  • 50% of notebooks will have GEMs in 2011 (over 230 million units)
  • 45% of notebooks will have GEMs in 2011 (over 63 million units)
  • In 2010, 39% of laptops and 36% of desktop PCs shipped with GEMs
  • By 2014, 83% of notebooks and 76% of desktop computers worldwide will ship with GEMs
  • Intel’s second-generation Core processor family (Sandy Bridge) features an integrated CPU and graphics processor
  • AMD will soon release five GEMs
  • VIA offers GEM solutions for embedded and industrial applications
  • GEMs are unlikely to offer the high performance of discrete graphics cards

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