Second Generation Intel Core vPro Processors

Intel introduced the second generation Intel Core vPro processor family. The new microprocessors feature Intel’s new microarchitecture, enhancements to Intel vPro technology, new Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), and new security features, including a 3G “poison pill” option to help protect a PC’s data. The new Intel Core vPro processors can offload tasks or share them to get the most from companion devices. The new Core vPro processor family are ideal for laptops, convertible-tablets, desktop and all-in-one PC’s.

Intelsecond generation Intel Core vPro processor family

2nd Generation Intel Core vPro Processor Family

  • New microarchitecture
  • Enhanced Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 increases processor speeds beyond the rated frequency by analyzing temperature and power consumption
    integrates Intel HD Graphics and advanced media processing
  • New Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
  • Speeds applications by 60%, multitasking by 100% and data encryption by 300%
  • Intel Anti-Theft Technology 3.0 (AT 3.0) provides stronger defense against the problem of laptop theft and data loss
  • Intel AT 3.0 enables the poison pill to be sent as an encrypted, authenticated SMS message by an authorized administrator over a 3G cellular network and within moments after a missing laptop is turned on
  • Recovered PC’s can be re-activated with another message
  • New Locator Beacon capability gives authorities the ability to pinpoint a missing laptop using GPS technology on select 3G modems
  • Intel AT 3.0 standby protection helps protect encrypted PCs that go missing in the vulnerable standby state (S3)
  • When awakened, the new standby protection feature can change normal procedure to require an encryption login
  • Intel Identity Protection Technology (IPT) helps stymie phishing attacks
  • IPT supplements normal password procedures by generating a new six-digit numerical password every 30 seconds to help ensure only authorized access
  • New Host-Based Configuration completely automates the process of setting up the vPro functions on new computers
  • Keyboard-Video-Mouse (KVM) Remote Control enables a remote technician to see the worker’s screen presentation in higher resolutions
  • Intel Quick Sync Video doubles the speed of creating DVDs or Blu-ray discs, editing and converting video files into other formats

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