Si2 Low Power Coalition Common Power Format Version 2.0

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) rolled out the Common Power Format (CPF) Version 2.0. CPF is a Tcl-based format used to capture the power intent of a design. CPF complements the RTL and/or netlist description of the design. It enables existing golden RTL/netlist blocks to be used without modification. The Low Power Coalition (LPC) approved CPF 2.0 as a Si2 standard. CPF is also supported by the Power Forward Initiative. CPF 2.0 is available for download now.

CPF 2.0 Highlights

  • Improves interoperability with IEEE 1801-2009
  • New concept of generic mode to model either a power mode or a functional mode
  • Improves hierarchical flow to support output and bi-directional virtual ports
  • Supports pg_type in supply net connection
  • More flexibility in modeling different types of isolation, level shifter and retention logic
  • New concept of power design to improve hierarchical low-power design flow
  • Improvements in macro-modeling of mixed-signal IP with low power features
  • Simplifies modeling methodology for I/O pads with complex power management logic
  • More flexibility to control the corruption semantics for power aware RTL simulation
  • Extensions to model new low power standard cells such as multi-bit isolation and level-shifter cells, multi-stage level-shifters

More information: Common Power Format (CPF) Version 2.0