Imec Reconfigurable Radio Solution for Spectrum Sensing

Imec introduced a digital front-end component for low-cost and low-power spectrum sensing. The reconfigurable radio solution offers increased flexibility and reliability for next-generation wireless devices. Imec’s cognitive reconfigurable radio solutions enable multi-mode communication and spectrum sensing. The development is ideal for such next-generation flexible radios.

Imec Reconfigurable Radio Solution Highlights

  • Enable multi-mode communication and spectrum sensing
  • Spectrum sensing component was designed as a versatile digital engine to meet a wide variety of use cases, at low cost and low power overhead
  • The chip hosts a dedicated ASIP (application-specific integrated processor)
  • Performs both flexible synchronization and spectrum sensing
  • Ideal for high-throughput WLAN (802.11a-n), cellular standards (including the recent 3GPP-LTE), and digital broadcasting standards
  • Connects to imec’s analog reconfigurable radio chip (SCALDIO) and imec’s programmable digital baseband platform for 4G seamless connectivity (COBRA)
  • Current radio architectures are focused on the reception of a predefined channel, and cannot proceed to a frequency scan operation in a timely manner

Increasing demand for large data rates results in an increasing spectrum scarcity. A dynamic access to the available spectrum would increase the throughput efficiency significantly. In licensed bands scenarios, dynamic spectrum access would enable personal mobile terminals to seamlessly set-up and maintain a reliable wireless connection. In unlicensed bands (e.g. the crowded 2.4 GHz band), it would offer added value to products.

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