LiMo 4 Linux Based Platform

LiMo Foundation introduced version four of the Linux based LiMo Platform. LiMo 4 Platform offers complete middleware and base application functionality. It enables flexible disaggregation of the device platform and the service propositions such that operators and device manufacturers can more freely shape user propositions and secure sustainable long-term value. The first LiMo 4 devices are expected to be brought to market during the second half of this year. LiMo Foundation is a global consortium of mobile operators, device and handset vendors.

LiMo 4 Linux based Platform - LiMo Foundation

LiMo 4 Highlights

  • Flexible and powerful user interface
  • Extended widget libraries
  • 3D window effects
  • Advanced multimedia
  • Social networking and location based service frameworks
  • Sensor frameworks
  • Multi-tasking
  • Multi-touch capabilities
  • Support for scalable screen resolution
  • Consistent APIs
  • Supports a broad range of device types and form factors
  • Designed to be hardware independent
  • Flexibility to choose any hardware solution
  • LiMo 4 code will become available for public download in July 2011
  • Extensive use of best of breed technologies from leading open source projects

More information: LiMo Foundation