Matrox M-Series Graphics Cards with Multi-projector Edge Overlap

Matrox Graphics’ M-Series graphics cards now feature multi-projector edge overlap support. The Matrox PowerDesk Edge Overlap feature allows users to adjust the number of overlapping pixels between blending-enabled projectors to create a seamless, unified image. No scaling is required with edge overlap natively supported at the GPU level. Matrox M-Series cards with edge overlap can support up to eight projectors. It is ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, digital signage, worship and presentations. The new edge overlap feature is now available for download.

Multi-projector setup with one M-Series card, one PC, and blending-enabled projectors - Matrox Graphics Edge Overlap

Matrox PowerDesk M-Series Edge Overlap Highlights

  • Use simple and cost effective equipment
    No need for additional and expensive software or hardware such as software based blending applications or external hardware blending components
  • Project seamless and pristine images
    The fine details of manipulating the number of overlapped vertical and/or horizontal pixels is managed by the PowerDesk user interface with simple and easy to use controls
  • Flexible multi-projector options
    The Matrox Edge Overlap feature supports a variety of multi-projector set ups, whether they are positioned in landscape or portrait mode and in either a horizontal and/or vertically-stacked configuration
  • Easy and intuitive setup
    Simply select “edge overlap and bezel management” from the menu choices of the Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software
  • Works with affordable edge blending-enabled projector
    Support edge blending projectors like the Mitsubishi 8000 Series and Panasonic D6 Series
  • M-Series card support
    Matrox offers Edge Overlap support on all M-Series graphics cards

More information: Matrox Graphics