Over Half of Handset Shipments Will be Smartphones by 2012

According to In-Stat’s Smartphones: A Worldwide View research, unit shipments of smartphones will grow to almost 850 million by 2015. Critical factors driving smartphone sales include a powerful browser, a wide variety of apps, an easy to navigate user interface, and a good keyboard or touch screen. The research is part of In-Stat’s Mobile Devices service, which provides analysis and forecasts of the market for mobile communications and computing devices, including cell phones, smartphones, MIDs, tablets, mini-notes/netbooks, and notebooks.

Smartphones: A Worldwide View Findings

  • More than half of US handset shipments will be smartphones by 2012
  • Unit shipments of smartphones will be almost 850 million by 2015
  • Android is maintaining its momentum and will continue to be the leading OS
  • The demise of Symbian has been greatly overstated — on a global basis, annual unit shipments of Symbian-based handsets will continue to grow, resulting in Symbian having the second highest unit shipments of all the smartphone OS’s
  • The smartphone OS war is heating up, as relatively new or renewed entrants such as MeeGo, Bada, WebOS, and others join a very crowded market
  • By 2015, over two thirds of smartphones will still be WCDMA-based
  • LTE smartphones will comprise only a small minority of annual handset shipments, even in 2015
  • The display and baseband/apps processor are the two high cost items in the bill of materials
  • Other significant items include memory, camera, software and licensing, and case and manufacturing

In-Stat’s Smartphones: A Worldwide View (#IN1004729WH) is a 70-slide PowerPoint presentation. The price of the report is $3,495 (US).

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