COTS-based Military Embedded Computer Opportunities to Double

The multi-billion dollar opportunity for COTS-based (Commercial off the Shelf) embedded computing in military systems will continue to grow, despite expected softening in global military budgets. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service report, “COTS: Military Embedded Computer Opportunities – $2B and Growing,” predicts the market for military embedded computers based on COTS components will double to $4 Billion in 2020.

Defense applications involving COTS-embedded computers are growing as a percentage of defense equipment acquisitions. This global market opportunity, which includes hardware, software- and support services, is being driven by the pursuit of increasing intelligence and processing power across a range of communications, EW, radar, and related defense platforms.

“There are numerous applications land, sea, and air applications where use of embedded computers systems will offer greater intelligence and the potential for value-added solutions,” noted Eric Higham, North American Director for ADS. “Continuous advances in both hardware and software will support the development of systems as well as the evolution of these systems during upgrade cycles.”

Asif Anwar, Global Director of the ADS service, added, “While there is greater acceptance of COTS capabilities, performance parameters can typically extend beyond the norms expected in the commercial regime. Thus, we will continue to see significant modifications that ultimately result in implementation of customized COTS solutions.”

“However, these customized COTS solution components do not protect systems from commercial obsolescence,” remarked report author Cynthia Ann Scheidemantle. “This is where we see a crucial role for RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems) that can support systems evolution during upgrade cycles while reducing the cost for obsolescence management.”

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