Mentor Graphics Acquires CodeSourcery Assets

Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) reaffirmed its commitment to the future of open source for embedded development with the acquisition of certain assets of CodeSourcery, Inc. (Granite Bay, CA), the leading provider of open source GNU-based toolchains and services for advanced systems development.

“CodeSourcery and its industry-recognized toolchain services and products significantly increase the value of embedded solutions that Mentor Embedded can provide its customers, as well as contributions to the open source community,” said Glenn Perry, general manager, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division. “We believe that the future of embedded development depends on the wide availability of open source software and tools. The Mentor Embedded[TM] group continues to expand its OSS development team — including the acquisition of Embedded Alley last year, well known for its runtime Linux® and Android offerings — and continuing with today’s announcement on CodeSourcery, renowned for their toolchain expertise. Our position as an independent embedded software solution provider enables Mentor Embedded to collaborate closely with hardware IP and SoC ecosystems, as well as the broader embedded software vendors, as the leading supplier of innovative embedded software services and products. Our mutual end customers reap the benefits via the optimization of resources, leveraging the strengths of the OSS community, hardware design community and Mentor Embedded software team.”

“CodeSourcery’s goal has always been to build great tools for embedded software developers,” said Mark Mitchell, former CEO of CodeSourcery and now director of embedded tools, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division. “Mentor Embedded provides the resources needed to create better, more powerful tools that make embedded software development easier. Our service customers, many of whom already work with Mentor Embedded, will benefit from new offerings that integrate tools with Linux and/or Android environments. The future of embedded software development is based on open-source tools, and as part of Mentor Embedded, CodeSourcery will be able to participate in the open-source community on an even greater scale than before.”

CodeSourcery builds software tools that enable its customers to maximize the performance of hardware platforms ranging from embedded devices to supercomputers. The Sourcery G++[TM] product, a software development environment based on the GNU Toolchain, is a leading choice of software engineers, operating system vendors, semiconductor companies, and device manufacturers. The Sourcery VSIPL++[TM] product, a portable, parallel signal- and image-processing toolkit, boosts performance and increases productivity for radar, sonar, and imaging applications. For more product information, visit

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division comprises the Mentor Embedded family of products and services, including embedded software intellectual property (IP), tools, and consulting services to help embedded developers and silicon partners optimize their products for design and cost efficiency. More information on Mentor Embedded products and services can be found at the website:

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