VDC Research Group Reports on Mobile Operating Systems

VDC Research Group’s recently published report on mobile operating systems indicates that today’s mobile devices are more dependent on robust, complex operating systems capable of supporting a diverse ecosystem of new software applications. However, it is no longer about a single component or components but instead about integrated solution stacks and the mobile operating systems that sit at the heart of them.

“Mobile operating systems and other solutions will continue to play a vital role for manufacturers in the differentiation of their mobile device development as advanced user interfaces, hardware and unique user experiences are enabled,” said Jared Weiner, Analyst for the Embedded Software and Tools Practice at VDC. “However, the formation of various industry foundations, consortia and open source projects has intensified the open source community’s challenge to the commercial market for mobile operating systems and are expected to have a critical impact on the future of the market.”

These open source initiatives each control a unique mobile platform with differing business structures, licensing models, membership bases and methods of governance. By bringing together different companies throughout the mobile ecosystem, these open projects have facilitated innovations in mobile technology. In response to the momentum behind consortia-based operating systems, a number of commercial OS suppliers have begun providing greater choice for their customers by offering and marketing support and services for the open source platforms in addition to their proprietary offerings.

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