CoSoSys Debuts My Endpoint Protector App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Focusing on adapting their endpoint security and data loss prevention cloud services to the lifestyle of modern businessmen and gadget-loving home users, CoSoSys has just released the new My Endpoint Protector App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new Software as a Service App brings real time device control monitoring and the possibility to stop data theft or data loss, identity theft or malware infections at the fingertip of iPhone and iPad users.

Originally a Web-based endpoint security service that manages all computers in a corporate or personal network through a centralized online console, preventing both internal and external threats posed by the improper usage of portable storage devices such as USB sticks, digital cameras, FireWire devices, external HDDs or smart phones, the new App brings the policy-based data security of My Endpoint Protector at the fingertips of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. It has never been easier to monitor device activity in a network or standalone PCs or MACs, authorize devices or deny access to suspicious ones, and thus effectively stop all modern security breach threats while travelling, when being caught up in an important meeting or when a laptop or desktop computer with Internet access is not available.

“Lifestyle devices such as USB flash drives, mobile phones and portable computers started out as being smaller, portable and a lot more fun than their static predecessors, while fulfilling our need of communication. As they evolved, getting smarter and smaller, they have also changed our lifestyle. We can have business presentations on an iPad and send emails from our iPhone while keeping in touch with friends and partners, so why not go with the trend and offer the possibility of doing more important tasks from our mobile devices, such as handling the security of a business network or that of our home computers?” explained Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

Key benefits of the My Endpoint Protector App

  • Easily manage business or home computers through a centralized console available on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  • The My Endpoint Protector App and the cloud service powering it require no specific security expertise or complicated learning process
  • Closely monitor access to your business and personal sensitive files regardless of location and available IT infrastructure; the portable and highly mobile devices you are already carrying are enough
  • Allow or deny access to specific devices without needing to wait until you reach a desktop or plug in and start your notebook; for example, allow access to employee smart phones and deny access to your children’s USB sticks

My Endpoint Protector is an easy to manage, flexible and scalable security service that makes enterprise-level device control and security accessible to even the smallest organizations without the need for expensive additional equipment or staff, and without any installation and maintenance tasks to worry about. The personal use version of this cloud service offers a secure and productive home environment, free of charge.

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About CoSoSys
CoSoSys is specialized in network endpoint security and development of software for portable storage device enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from password security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys distributes its products globally through the world’s leading hardware manufacturers, software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users. CoSoSys enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company has offices in Germany, the United States and Romania.