POLYTEDA Software Targets North American Market with EDATechForce

POLYTEDA Software Corporation, a provider of advanced verification solutions, announced its partnership with EDATechForce LLC, an expert in sales and technical support for world-wide EDA and IP companies.

“This cooperation will augment POLYTEDA’s expertise in creation of breakthrough DRC and LVS software with solid sales competence from EDATechForce in the North American market,” stated Brad O’Connell, Vice President Sales and Marketing of POLYTEDA. “Its handpicked team, with each member having over 20 years of EDA and IC Design experience, shares our vision and possesses a unique sales and technical knowledge base that will support POLYTEDA’s explosive growth.”

“Semiconductor manufacturing lithography techniques starting at 65nm have imposed new, sophisticated, and extremely complex physical design rules; just take a look at any PDK and the huge design rule files that come with them these days. In addition, DRC run times are going through the roof,” noted Carl DeSalvo, President and CEO, EDATechForce.

Mr. DeSalvo adds: “POLYTEDA has broken through these barriers by developing a DRC/LVS tool suite that natively understands esoteric deep-submicron design rules; and that has been engineered to execute with predictably linear run times. Since Physical Design Rule Checking is a critical, must-have EDA technology, we believe representing POLYTEDA’s DRC tool suite in the North American market puts us in the right place, at the right time, with a best-in-class tool. I anticipate significant success with the POLYTEDA product line.”

About POLYTEDA Software
POLYTEDA Software Corporation is a rapidly growing design automation company, focused on providing fast, accurate and affordable design verification solutions for electronic product companies.

About EDATechForce
Founded in 2009, EDATechForce LLC is focused on becoming the largest sales and technical support specialist for emerging Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies, supplying a sales and technical channel for connecting large numbers of customers with our client companies. EDATechForce offers an experienced, professional business team available to emerging companies looking to leverage growth by outsourcing their sales and technical force. They provide all the elements of a high-end EDA sales infrastructure, from market exposure to sales and technical closure.