POLYTEDA Software Announces New Board Members

POLYTEDA Software Corporation, a provider of advanced verification solutions, announced the new composition of its Board of Directors (BOD). Mr. Randy Smith, Mr. Howard Pakosh, and Mr. Alexander Lutsenko have joined POLYTEDA’s BOD as new members. The Board now consists of five members and also includes Mr. Vlad Marchuk, CEO, President and founder of the company, and Mr. Evgeniy Utkin, its main investor and President of KM Core. Mr. Randy Smith took responsibilities as Chairman of the Board.

“We are expanding the Board by well known industry veterans as we have reached the new level of business development,” noted Vlad Marchuk. “We have now had a year of successful customer tapeouts, technology improvements and a fab qualification. Our technology has already been endorsed by a number of influential customers and partners, such as UMC, AWR Inc, and IHP Microelectronics. We will now intensify our efforts to show the rest of the industry that we have the best physical verification solution available on the market that addresses not only today’s challenges, but tomorrow’s as well.”

Below is some further information on new BOD members:

Mr. Randy Smith has been working in EDA and semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) since 1979. Randy’s first ten years were in engineering beginning at Hewlett-Packard. In 1984 he co-founded Tangent Systems which became Cadence Design System’s first acquisition 1989. By that time Randy had finished his MBA at Santa Clara University, having already completed a BS Electrical Engineering degree at Cornell University, and had begun working in marketing and sales. Since leaving Cadence in 1994, Randy served as an executive at several start-up companies (three of them had successful exits) and then started his own consulting practice, Randysan Marketing, a few years ago.

Howard Pakosh is President & CEO of ChipStart LLC, a company leading the market in developing and promoting semiconductor IP subsystems. Mr. Pakosh has been involved in all facets of sales and marketing for the last 30 years. Prior to ChipStart, he served as Director of NA Sales for Sonics Inc., the leading provider of intelligent interconnect solutions that manage the on-chip communications in SoC devices. Previously, Mr. Pakosh worked at Virage Logic Corporation (NASDAQ:VIRL) where he worked as Director, Emerging Markets for this leader of semiconductor intellectual property (SIP). Mr.Pakosh also helped co-found Xentec, a semiconductor IP startup that was eventually sold to InSilicon in December 2000 and is now part of Synopsys (NASDAQ:SNPS).

Mr. Alexander Lutsenko has held a number of top positions at major IT and investment companies and governmental institutions. His previous positions comprise but are not limited to: Head of Department, Ministry of State Property of Russian Federation (1999), Head of Corporate Finance, RYE, MAN & GOR SECURITIES (Russian investment boutique, 1997 – 2001), Executive Director within Strategy & Development department, JSFC “SISTEMA” (2001 – 2004) and First Vice President Strategy & Development, JSC SITRONICS (2004 – 2008). Mr. Lutsenko was educated at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Faculty of Economy, where he received his BA in Economics majoring in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Law. He then continued developing in the field of Business Administration by graduating from Aix-en-Provence, France, One-year MBA program.

“I am sure that new members will bring to our company valuable insider knowledge of the industry and huge experience in business development, financing, and investments,” added Vlad Marchuk. “The Board will help us in an explosive growth of our business next year.”

About POLYTEDA Software
POLYTEDA Software Corporation is a rapidly growing design automation company, focused on providing fast and accurate design verification solutions for electronic product companies.

About Evgeni Utkin
Evgeni Utkin is a well known Ukrainian venture investor. He is Head of Board of Directors of “KM Core” investment holding, President of “KMS Ukraine” company, Member of the Board of Directors of “NIIME and Micron” plc (Science and Research Institute of Molecular Electronics, Russia). His main previous positions include but are not limited to: President and Chairman of the Board of Kvazar-Micro (1990-2005) and President of Sitronics (2005-2007). Mr Utkin received his university degree at Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, majoring in micro processors and their systems (1982). He is a graduate of INSEAD Business school (France), Program for top executives (2001), IMD Business school (Switzerland), Program of “Innovative business management” (2008), VCEP (Venture Capital Executive Program) in Haas School of Business, Berkeley University, (USA) (2009).

About Vlad Marchuk
Vlad Marchuk has more than 20 years of experience in the EDA industry. He was Co-Founder of OTTO Software (1991), which was acquired by Cadence Design System in March 2003. Post acquisition, Vlad stayed with Cadence as a Senior Engineering Manager (2002-2005). Before that we worked as Director of Research and Development at Electronics Workbench (1998-2001), the company that was later acquired by National Instruments. Mr. Marchuk was educated at Kiev Polytechnic University and received his Master of Science degree in CAD engineering (1988).