HTC EVO 4G Smart Phone Teardown

Chipworks, the world’s leader in reverse engineering and patent infringement analysis for semiconductors and microelectronic systems, has done a silicon level teardown of the world’s first 4G phone, the HTC EVO 4G. A snapshot of the findings follows.

Qualcomm has three major socket winners on the board including:

  • Qualcomm QSD8650 Snapdragon
  • Qualcomm RTR6500 CDMA2000 transceiver
  • Qualcomm PM7540 power management IC
HTC EVO 4G Smart Phone Teardown by Chipworks

Texas Instruments racks-up two more design wins with a leading-edge 3.5 G or greater phone:

  • The TPS65051 6-channel power management IC with 2 DC/DCs, 4 LDOs, in 4x4mm QFN is the second TI PMIC
  • TI65200 Power Management IC for digital cameras

Sequans Communications is showing its strength in the market:

  • Sequans Communications 65 nm SQ1210 Wimax single chip solution that delivers baseband and Triple-band RF: 2.3-2.4, 2.5-2.7, 3.3-3.8 GHz operability – this device debuts in the world’s first 4G phone; Chipworks is working on a complete Functional Analysis Report

Atmel scores another touch screen controller win:

  • The Atmel MXT224, part of the maXTouch family of touch screen controllers

Two design wins for OmniVision:

  • OmniVision OV8812 8 Mp image sensor (suspected from die analysis but this superficial analysis is insufficient to 100% confirm that it is not the OV8810)
  • OmniVision OV261 1.3 Mp image sensor

Visit the Chipworks report library to learn about the full reverse engineering reports on OmniVision’s technology.

Another half dozen devices have been catalogued. Visit for details.

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