Kilopass XPM NVM Passes SMSC TrueAuto Automotive Quality Process

Kilopass Technology Inc., a leading provider of semiconductor logic non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP), and SMSC (NASDAQ: SMSC), a leading semiconductor company providing Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity[tm] solutions, announced that Kilopass’ XPM[tm] NVM has passed SMSC’s TrueAuto automotive quality process, and will be embedded in many of SMSC’s TrueAuto[TM] ICs. SMSC’s TrueAuto approach goes far beyond the stress tests prescribed by the AEC-Q100 specifications. It is a total quality approach that includes the design, the qualification and the production of the integrated circuits with the goal of zero defects per million.

“We are pleased that Kilopass’ XPM NVM technology has passed SMSC’s TrueAuto[TM] automotive quality process,” said Dr. Christian Thiel, vice president and general manager of SMSC’s Automotive Information Systems group. “Critical keys, configuration, and manufacturing information are kept in the NVM, and high reliability, low defects per million, and high temperature field operations are a must in our embedded NVM requirements. Kilopass’ technology has satisfied our expectations and its scalable technology provides us with a future NVM roadmap.”

Kilopass embedded NVM is implemented in standard CMOS without additional masks or foundry processing steps. Designed for mass production, it follows foundry design for manufacturability (DFM) design rules, utilizes standard devices supplied by the foundry, and requires no additional overlay tolerance or process control. Yield matches the foundry process, and quality and reliability are guaranteed through the rigorous characterization and qualification of XPM.

“We are proud to have SMSC as a long-term partner,” said Kilopass CEO Charlie Cheng, “and we are excited to be part of their TrueAuto product line, which is used from luxury to volume automotive makers. We are committed to deliver high quality and reliable embedded NVM solutions to the automotive semiconductor market. The high and low temperature and voltage tolerances of Kilopass’ XPM technology are well-suited for the automotive environment and quality standards.”

About TrueAuto
TrueAuto is SMSC’s automotive quality process. It has proven its capability to deliver leading edge quality and services to fulfill the needs of even the most demanding automotive customers. If integrated circuits (“ICs”) that have been designed for consumer applications are intended for use in automotive applications, they are usually qualified according to the Automotive Electronics Council’s (AEC-Q100) qualification requirements. AEC-Q100 however, just covers minimum common requirements for the qualification of an automotive IC. Many car companies and tier one automotive suppliers require extensive additional qualification tests, as AEC-Q100 alone does not lead to the ultra low defect rates that they require. In addition, AEC-Q100 primarily focuses on the qualification phase of the product cycle of an IC. Other phases such as the design and production of the IC, customer support and the handling and investigation of returns are not covered in detail. In order to reach the automotive goal of near zero defect rates, all phases of the IC product cycle need to be addressed thoroughly.

TrueAuto is SMSC’s proven total approach to true automotive-grade quality. TrueAuto robustness begins with SMSC’s design for reliability techniques within the silicon IC itself. Automotive-grade excellence and testability are designed into the IC. The IC is fully characterized over many operating parameters to prove the quality of the design under various conditions. Also, product qualification is focused on the most demanding customer expectations. It meets or exceeds automotive reliability standards and customer specific requirements. SMSC’s TrueAuto approach goes far beyond the stress tests prescribed by the AEC-Q100 specifications. In addition, extensive technologies and processes, such as enhanced monitors are used in fabrication of TrueAuto products in order to continuously drive improvements in accordance with SMSC’s zero Defects per Million (DPM) goals.

About Kilopass
Kilopass Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of embedded NVM intellectual property, leverages standard logic CMOS processes to deliver one-time programmable (OTP) memory. With 54 patents granted or pending and more than 500,000 wafers shipped from a dozen foundries and Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM), Kilopass has more than 80 customers in applications ranging from storage of firmware and security codes to calibration data and other application-critical information. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif.

About SMSC
SMSC is a leading developer of Smart Mixed-Signal Connectivity(TM) solutions. SMSC employs a unique systems level approach that incorporates a broad set of technologies and intellectual property to deliver differentiating products to its customers. The company is focused on delivering connectivity solutions that enable the proliferation of data in personal computers, automobiles, portable consumer devices and other applications. SMSC’s feature-rich products drive a number of industry standards and include USB, MOST(R) automotive networking, embedded system control and analog solutions, including thermal management and RightTouch(TM) capacitive sensing. SMSC is headquartered in New York and has offices and research facilities in North America, Asia, Europe and India.

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