OCP-IP Debuts IEEE1685 Open Core Protocol Vendor Extensions for IP-XACT

Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP) announced the availability of an Open Core Protocol (OCP) package of Vendor Extensions for IP-XACT. Vendor Extensions provide a way to fully describe the configurable OCP interface in machine-readable XML structure in an IEEE standard format. They are compatible with both IP-XACT 1.4 and IEEE1685. The package consists of examples and documentation for OCP vendor extensions and configuration checkers to validate OCP configurations. This improves IP quality, reduces development time and thus speeds time-to-market.

The package is based on the OCP 2.2 specification, IP-XACT 1.4 specification and the IEEE1685 standard. It can be used by design and verification engineers to describe OCP interface configuration in a standardized manner and can also be used as a static checker for OCP profiles.

IEEE 1685 provides for a machine-readable XML structure for IP modules and systems databooks. The XML data documents many different aspects of electronic design elements, enabling designers using IP-XACT tools to automatically create many different expressions of a design in a consistent and correlated way. The use of IP-XACT allows for automated testbench creation and exploration.

The package is available to both OCP-IP members and non-members alike. Members may access the OCP Metadata Vendor Extension package by completing the online click-through Commercial Metadata Vendor Extension License. Non-Members may access the package via online click-through research license.

“In addition to our advanced interface, OCP-IP continues to expand our complete infrastructure for users,” said Ian Mackintosh, president and chairman OCP-IP. “Our extensive environment saves members hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and guarantees best-of-breed solutions endorsed by OCP-IP. We are extremely pleased to be adding this Metadata Vendor Extension Package to our ever-expanding infrastructure.”

This package was developed by members of the OCP-IP Metadata Working Group including: Magillem, Mentor Graphics, Nokia, Sonics, ST Microelectronics, Synopsys, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.

About OCP-IP
Formed in 2001, OCP-IP is a non-profit corporation promoting, supporting and delivering the only openly licensed, core-centric protocol comprehensively fulfilling integration requirements of heterogeneous multicore systems. The Open Core Protocol (OCP) facilitates IP core reusability and reduces design time, risk, and manufacturing costs for all SoC and electronic designs by providing a comprehensive supporting infrastructure.