Power Architecture Development Community Welcomes Enea

Power.org, the open collaborative organization that enables, develops and promotes standards for Power Architecture® technology, announced that Enea, a leader in multicore technology for communication-driven products, has joined the Power Architecture development community. Enea will add its knowledge to the collaborative effort advancing Power Architecture standards that enable high performance next generation solutions at lower costs and with faster development times. Enea is a world leader in the development of realtime operating systems (RTOS), hypervisors, development tools and interprocess communications technology (IPC) that simplify the transition to multicore processing platforms.

“Enea’s RTOS and IPC expertise will facilitate the development of standards that will help establish the Power Architecture as the go-to platform for developers who are moving to multicore,” said Kaveh Massoudian, CTO, Power.org Strategic Alliance, IBM. “Enea’s award-winning solutions are used widely in communications, a key Power Architecture market segment, but are also applicable for a much wider range of vertical markets where high-availability and performance are key requirements. Therefore, we expect Enea will strengthen Power Architecture technology leadership in diverse market segments.”

Enea intends to be an active member of a number of Power.org technical committees with a view to accelerating the development of standards for multicore, hypervisor and virtual platforms.

“Enea has a long history of supporting a broad scope of Power Architecture-based processors,” said Mathias Båth, senior vice president of marketing at Enea. “Our focus on easing the challenges associated with moving to multicore computing gives us an ideal fit with Power.org since many of the new advanced processors are based on the Power Architecture. We look forward to collaborating within the organization to define the standards which will help our customers building systems using the Power Architecture processors get to market faster with fewer hurdles along the way.”

About Power.org
Since 2005 when Power.org was founded, the organization has leveraged its members’ expertise and commitment to deliver new standards, programs and increased business value to the design engineering community, while growing as an organization. The Power.org ecosystem is an open community comprised of companies that design, develop, build and support wide breadth of Power Architecture expertise and solutions including microprocessors, design tools, hardware vendors, software, OEM and foundries. Collaborative innovation is the hallmark of the Power.org community. Power Architecture technology offers the broadest market and application coverage of any instruction set architecture available. The technology is behind millions of innovative products, including the world’s fastest supercomputers, leading video game consoles, and electronic systems in most of today’s car models. Every phone call, email and Web page touches hundreds of Power Architecture systems.

About Enea
With 40 years of experience, Enea is a global software and services company focused on solutions for communication-driven products. Enea’s expertise in real-time operating systems and high availability middleware shortens development cycles, brings down product costs and increases system reliability. Its vertical solutions cover telecom handsets and infrastructure, medical technology, automotive and military/aerospace applications.

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