American Computer Aided Engineering Speeds Migration to Cadence Allegro

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic design innovation, announced that it is teaming with American Computer Aided Engineering (AcAe), a dedicated CAD/CAE support services provider and design bureau, to assist customers transitioning from competing legacy CAD systems to Cadence® Allegro® PCB technologies and methodologies. With 24 years of experience in the electronic design automation industry, AcAe is helping Cadence PCB customers meet time-to-market commitments with design services and ease new product adoption as they migrate to and deploy Cadence Allegro technology.

“The translation results from Expedition to Allegro PCB Editor look great,” said Brian Doherty, manufacturing engineer of Polychromix Incorporated. “I wasn’t sure what to expect based on how other translators have historically handled design translations but the Allegro design is a one-for-one match in every way that I can see. By utilizing the services provided by AcAe, we were able to save weeks in our re-spin cycle thereby comfortably meeting our schedule demands.”

Cadence customers migrating to Allegro PCB solutions can now take advantage of the worldwide onsite and remote access design services that AcAe provides, including Cadence Allegro library development, schematic entry and PCB design layout services. AcAe also delivers Allegro schematic and PCB design migration services via its innovative DART technology. This technology can help customers quickly and easily reuse existing legacy schematic and PCB design data in a Cadence environment, thereby reducing adoption time and minimizing the risk of transition by maintaining the integrity of their designs.

“As more companies turn to Cadence to address their toughest PCB challenges, AcAe’s capabilities and experience should make the migration of legacy data and integration of our products easier than ever,” said Linda Mazzitelli, product marketing director at Cadence Design Systems. “That can translate to improved productivity with shorter implementation time. With AcAe and Cadence working together, customers can count on a team of experienced professionals to help them make a smooth transition to our world-class PCB technology.”

“AcAe software has taken migration from the dark ages of translators into the 21st century. Our DART technology can migrate the most complex PCB designs with an ease and accuracy never before achieved,” said Bill Basten, CEO of AcAe ( “This means companies moving to Cadence PCB technology can likely avoid spending days or weeks performing ‘cleanup’ on poorly translated data. Migrated data is fully usable and ready to go.”

About Cadence
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