Sigasi Announces HDT IDE for VHDL Eclipse Plugin

Sigasi, an EDA company focused on agile hardware design tools, announced that it will make Sigasi HDT, an Intelligent Development Environment (IDE) for VHDL, available as an Eclipse plugin. As of today, Sigasi HDT will be available in two versions: as a standalone application as before, and as an Eclipse plugin. A tool license includes the right to use either version, at any time, at the customer’s discretion.

“Until now, Sigasi HDT was only distributed as a standalone application, which is ideal for customers without Eclipse experience that want a solution that works out of the box,” said Hendrik Eeckhaut, Sigasi’s CTO. “The plugin version will be attractive to existing Eclipse users that would like to enhance enhance their existing installation with support for hardware design.”

“We believe that the Eclipse platform will become even more popular in the future,” said Philippe Faes, Sigasi’s CEO. “Eventually, many customers will want to do all their development within a single Eclipse installation, and bring in the plugins they need for their purposes. Today, Sigasi is ready for this evolution and with the Sigasi VHDL plugin, Eclipse becomes a more attractive and powerful, comprehensible platform for the hardware development world.”

About Sigasi
Sigasi is an Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company that focuses on the development of agile hardware design tools. The company is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium Sigasi HDT (Hardware Development Toolkit) is built upon the widely accepted Eclipse platform and contains an ultra-fast VHDL parser and compiler. As a result, the tool fully understands a design in terms of VHDL concepts. Sigasi HDT drastically increases the productivity of VHDL designers by helping them to write, review and reuse their designs in an intuitive way.

About Eclipse
Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software.